On securely scheduling a meeting

Ref: Thomas Herlea, Joris Claessens, Gregory Neven, Frank Piessens, Bart Preneel, and Bart De Decker. In M. Dupuy and P. Paradinas, editors, Trusted Information: The New Decade Challenge, IFIP TC11 Sixteenth Annual Working Conference on Information Security (IFIP/Sec'01), volume 193 of IFIP Conference Proceedings. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

Abstract: When people want to schedule a meeting, their agendas must be compared to find a time suitable to all participants. At the same time, people want to keep their agendas private. This paper presents several approaches which intend to solve this contradiction. A custom-made protocol for secure meeting scheduling and a protocol based on secure distributed computing are discussed. The security properties and complexity of these protocols are compared. A trade-off between trust and bandwidth requirements is shown to be possible by implementing the protocols using mobile agents.